My husband (and perpetual dining companion) hails from beautiful New Hampshire, and I always love visiting. Breathtaking fall foliage, picturesque mountains, a rockin’ state...
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Country Weekend

Happy Weekend, friends! For the next two days, I’ll be eating, drinking, and generally making merry at the Ritz Hill Duck Club. Yeeeeeeeeeehaw!

#YOLOing in Chicago

As I mentioned yesterday, I just got back from a fab gals’ getaway. My favorite ladies and I spent the weekend eating and drinking our...
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Paris by Mouth

If I haven’t made myself clear, I adore French cuisine. So I was ecstatic when one of my favorite food blogs, Paris by Mouth, started...
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Natural Wine in Paris

Now, I’m no “natural” wine expert. Recently, I’ve sample a few natural wines (wines made with minimum technical and chemical manipulation), but, honestly, I don’t...
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