The Mermaid Inn

As I mentioned, I was in New York over the weekend. And I have to give myself credit. In the short time I was there, I really made the most of my gastronomic opportunities. On Saturday, for example, I ate/drank/experienced the following: take-away coffee, brunch, two happy hours, dinner, drinks, and a late-night Mexican “snack.” That, my friends, is stamina. Check back in tomorrow, and I’ll delve into more detail.

But today, let’s focus on happy hour number one—drinks and apps at The Mermaid Inn. This lovely little spot specializes in deliciously fresh seafood and boasts the “happiest of happy hours.” It was indeed! My dining companions and I spent SEVERAL happy hours on The Mermaid Inn’s terrace, sipping sparkling wine and snacking on oysters and calamari. What could better than great deals and a dynamite raw bar?

Just one thing—complementary chocolate mousse! The cherry on top of the “happiest of happy hours.”

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