Tea Time

Tea Time

On the (rare) evenings that I don’t relax with a glass of wine, I enjoy a nice cup of herbal tea. And the best place for great tea? Kansas City’s Tea Market in Crestwood. This lovely little store carries a jaw-dropping variety of sustainably grown teas from around the world. Not to mention beautiful tea sets, kettles, and other accoutrements for the tea enthusiast.

The moment you set foot in the Tea Market, you feel your shoulders relax and your mood improve. Maybe it’s the soothing aroma of freshly brewed tea. Maybe it’s the complementary cup of the day. Maybe it’s the friendly, knowledgeable staff. Whatever it is, I love it. So I try to recreate this Zen-like feeling in my own home with some chamomile herbal and an Ambien. Just kidding. Or am I?

Anyway, relax and have some tea!

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  1. Margaret Austin

    KC TEA MARKET in Crestwood is a great play to find a hostess gift. When I get back to KC I will be going shopping at the Tea Market to see what I might find.

  2. Amber Buckman

    With all your “finds” you make me want to spend more time in Kansas City!
    Next visit I’ll bring a larger suitcase. Thanks!

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