Swiss Sweets

Swiss Sweets

Do you like Swiss chocolate? Or gourmet tea cookies? Or mouthwatering tortes? Are these questions just rhetorical?

Well, if you answered yes to any of the above, give in to that sweet tooth and head to André’s Confiseri Suisse—the confectionary/pastry shop/tea room with the most delicious (not to mention, the most beautiful) sweets I’ve ever tasted in my life. With Denver and Kansas City locations and an extensive online store, chocolate-lovers everywhere can enjoy André’s one-of-a-kind delights.

Picking a favorite treat from André’s is like picking a favorite child. (I would imagine.) You love each one—but in a different, special way. The chocolate pecan heart cookie, with its simple, but perfect nutty flavor. The chocolate dobosh torte, with its delicate layers of yellow cake and rich chocolate ganache. The chocolate Matterhorn, with its mixture of chocolate cake and chocolate butter creme sculpted into one of Switzerland’s most famous landmark. How to choose? And more importantly, how to stop salivating?

And just when you thought André’s couldn’t get any better, it outdoes itself yet again. This fall, André’s Kansas City location is opening a coffee AND WINE bar. Be still my heart.

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  1. Margaret Austin

    Again my darling you have made me laugh. “Be still my heart”. Yes, Andre’s’ is amazing. How about the chocolate covered almonds (either dark or milk). Some friends brought the mike chocolate covered almonds for a hostess gift this summer. My heart couldn’t be still until each and every almond was GONE. This must run in our family.

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