Southern Comfort

There’s nothing better than a lifelong friend—someone who has known you forever and seen you at your very worst, and yet (inexplicably) still likes you. She knows your hopes, your fears, your entire family, your dog, your embarrassing stories from college… and high school. (Temporary sparkle tattoos, anyone? They were very cool in the late 1990s.) And, of course, she likes you enough to travel with you.

Charming Streets in Charleston

I recently had the pleasure of exploring beautiful Charleston, South Carolina with one of my oldest, very best friends. We traversed the cobblestone streets, ogled the pastel Victorian homes, and even toured the historic Calhoun Mansion.

Calhoun Mansion Fountain

But mostly, we ate and drank. Now, I’ve always been able to pack in the food. It’s a gift that I attribute to my Germanic tribal heritage. But my friend—a petite, gluten-free heath nut—isn’t accustomed to multiple biscuits at one sitting or two consecutive meals served with grits. She may or may not have suffered from a self-induced food coma. But trooper that she is, she didn’t let that get her down. We pressed onward and enjoyed some of the best seafood and “Lowcountry” cuisine I’ve ever had. Y’all. It was delicious.

Poogans Porch Bloody Mary

A few Charleston favorites:

Lunch at Blossom.
Craft cocktails at The Gin Joint.
Brunch at Poogan’s Porch. (Legend has it, it’s haunted. But we didn’t see any ghosts.)
Southern fare at High Cotton.
AMAZING seafood at The Ordinary (pictured below).

The Ordinary

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  1. Amber Buckman

    O.k. I give, did you travel with someone I know? I adore Charleston, was it your first time? Loved all your comments!

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