Parlez-Vous Français

Parlez-Vous Français?

Over the weekend, I enjoyed a terrific meal at one of my favorite restaurants—Westport Café and Bar. This charming Parisian-style bistro serves up some of the best French fare in Kansas City. Great food, great drinks, great ambience. C’est magnifique!

My dining companion and I started with a bottle of Burgundy and a light first course. Just kidding. We shared two decadent (and delicious) hors d’oevres. Escargot with herbed butter and a terrine of chicken liver and foie gras. Butter and liver and snails, OH MY!

For my entree, I ordered mussels with blue cheese and bacon. My dining companion ordered steak with béarnaise and pommes frites. Now, I didn’t sample the steak or frites, but my companion practically licked the platter clean. So I assume he had no complaints.

Honestly, the mussels had my undivided attention. Those delicate little morsels in that rich, creamy broth were out of this world. My favorite part? Sopping up the broth with crispy slices of French bread. Yum.

And to top it all off, a champagne cocktail for me and an espresso for my designated driver, I mean, dining companion.

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