Run, don’t walk to Novel—Ryan Brazeal’s innovative restaurant specializing in what he calls “novel American cuisine” located in Kansas City’s historic Westside. Novel’s exciting, delicious dishes and constantly evolving menu have garnered some well-deserved national attention (from heavy hitters like Bon Appetit and the New York Times, no less). Foodies flock to the petite Victorian cottage that houses Novel. With its rustic wood paneling and elbow-to-elbow seating, this “novel American” restaurant has a charming, almost minimalist feel. And the food. THE FOOD.

I asked our server about his favorite dishes on the menu. And per his (spot-on) suggestions, my dining companion and I sampled the Hamachi crudo, the duck neck dumpling, the diver scallops, and the Duroc pork chop. I can safely say, these were some of the best dishes I’ve ever eaten. And that’s not an exaggeration. As I sit here writing this glowing review, I’m trying to plan my next meal at Novel. Am I free Friday? I should call them tomorrow….

My one complaint? In the dimly lit upstairs dining area, I couldn’t get any good pictures of the beautiful food!

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