I Scream, You Scream

If you’re like me, you’re an adult—or as I like to refer to myself, a “grown-ass woman.”  Now, as a grown-ass woman, I can do (pretty much) whatever I want… within the bounds of reason, cost, and pesky societal norms.  Over the years, I’ve learned that several things are expected of us grown-ass women.

(1) We should accept that sometimes strangers will address us as “hon.” (Meh.)
(2) We should only order salads at lunch. (Boo!)
(3) Most important of all, we should act like certain foods are morally repugnant.

“Omg, I was so naughty!  I ate a steak and three pieces of caramel corn this weekend!”  “No, girl.  I was so naughty.  I split a croissant with my husband, and then I ate a sliver of brie!”  Enough!  Let’s all agree that food is not innately bad.  It’s delicious and nourishing, and we should NEVER feel naughty for enjoying its glorious flavors.  As grown-ass women, let’s eat what we want to eat, when we want to eat it, and stop apologizing.

What I want to eat this THIS VERY MOMENT is ice cream.  So I will.  And because I’m a committed journalist (and I love ice cream), I’ve selected Kansas City’s best local spots for cones, cups, concretes, and creamy, frozen, flavorful deliciousness.  Click HERE to read all about it in my new piece for Feast!  Now, go do something that’s actually naughty.  Then eat ice cream.

My personal favorites include Murray’s Ice Cream & Cookies, Glacé Artisan Ice Cream, and Foo’s Fabulous Frozen Custard.

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