“F” is for Fabuleux

“F” is for Fabuleux

I was meandering through my favorite grocery—Cosentino’s Brookside Market—and somehow, found myself in the wine aisle. Imagine that? Now I don’t know about you, but when I find a wine I really like, I buy it again and again. Am I loyal? Or just boring? You make the call. But I’m partial to Oregon and California pinot noirs, and generally, I stick to what I know.

Yesterday, however, a new red caught my eye. The bottle had a big, white label with one letter—“F.” That’s all. No name. No vineyard. No year. Just “F.” I learned that wine maker Orin Swift produced several “non-vintage” blends, including “F,” the “Locations F-2 French Red.” A blend of Grenache from the Roussillon, Syrah from the Rhone Valley, and several Bordeauxs, wine godfather Robert Parker applauds its “dense ruby/purple color” “followed by a big, sweet kiss of licorice, black currants and camphor.” He makes it sound so romantic!

And I have to agree, it is a great wine (at a very reasonable price). Fruity, but full-bodied. Robust, but not overwhelming. Hints of leather? Just kidding.

But jokes aside, “F” is fabulous. Or as the French would say, fabuleux.

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