Boston: Chapter 1

There is so much to do and so much to see, and I’m still buzzing with the newness of this city I now call home.  Each week, we find different restaurants to try or a new neighborhood to explore—arancini and Sicilian pizza in the North End; fresh oysters and Chablis at Barbara Lynch’s South End mainstay; brunch and bloody marys in Back Bay.  We walk, and we take the train.  We find local shops and bars.  We cook and drink wine and watch old movies in our little apartment.  To me, it’s practically perfect.

In no particular order, a few new favorites:

Row 34 for deliciously fresh seafood.
Drink or Wink & Nod for craft cocktails.
Gaslight Brasserie for traditional French fare.
Render Coffee for lattes and breakfast sandwiches.
Erbaluce for Italian classics made with seasonal ingredients.
B&G Oysters for—you guessed it—oysters (and spectacular seafood, generally).


The North End

City Pup

Render Coffee

The Simpson Gentlemen

The Charles

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