Big Apple, Big Evening

Big Apple, Big Evening

And now, for the third and final installment of my NYC eat-a-thon. An evening that began with a gourmet vegan meal and ended with a 3am carnitas burrito. What happened in between? This is what I can recall.

For those of you who didn’t realize, New York has one or two good restaurants. So when my dining companion (a lifelong friend and natural food connoisseur) suggested Pure Food and Wine, a raw, vegan eatery, I was interested, but a tad skeptical. No cheese? No beef? But why? Well, color me impressed—this place was top-notch.

The food was delicious. The wine selection—superb. And the atmosphere—unbeatable. We dined al fresco on their lovely garden terrace, lit with candles and hanging lights. For our first course, we shared the kale Caesar roll with avocado and pickled onions. In a word, YUM. This was like a spicy, flavorful sushi roll (obviously, sans fish). But the rich avocado and bright onions were just delightful. For my second course, I enjoyed the sweet corn and cashew tamales with chili spiced portabella. And again, I was floored by the incredible flavor combinations. “This is magnificent,” I thought to myself. “I could definitely go vegan.” Famous last words….

Bear in mind, my dining companion and I had celebrated our afternoon with not one, but two, happy hours prior to our meal. So after several pre-dinner drinks and a bottle of pinot noir at Pure Food and Wine, we were feeling pretty excited about a night on the town.

So we hit a local watering hole and had a few (hundred) glasses of Prosecco. We laughed. We cried. We reminisced for hours. We solved the world’s problems. And magically, the bubbly just kept flowing. All of a sudden, it was 3 in the morning, and the bar was closing. “What would make this night even better?” NACHOS. (Of the non-vegan variety.)

So we stumbled, or rather, walked like responsible adults, to Taqueria Diana. We ordered carnitas nachos, but to our (very obvious) dismay, the fine folks at Taqueria Diana were fresh out of tortilla chips. WHAT?! NO! So we had to improvise. I ordered a carnitas burrito with crema and guacamole and my dining companion ordered quesadillas with identical fixins.

That evening (morning?), I would have told you that my burrito was the best thing I’d ever eaten in my entire life—that it was made of rainbows and sunshine. It was just that good. Was it simply the Prosecco-induced haze? Or was it really the world’s best burrito? We may never know. But I can tell you that my companion and I enjoyed QUITE a night. And had the perfect ending to an evening that began at a raw, vegan restaurant. Face-deep in carnitas.


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  1. Burrito As Big As Your Head

    Never turned down a late night burrito….and I know a little chocolatier that frequently takes them to bed 🙂

  2. Occasionally Vegan

    Great restaurant choices! Pure Food and Wine is the best of the best and I hear that Taqueria Diana’s burritos are, in fact, made with rainbows and sunshine, but only after midnight…

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